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"Athletic Edge probably
trains a third of the
athletes in our collegiate
program, all of whom are
from the finest D-I and
D-III lacrosse programs
in the nation. Not only
do they get customized
individual sessions,
but also sport-specific
group instruction."
--Tom Boova
NJ Elite Lacrosse Club


Agility is the sequencing together of acceleration, deceleration, stabilization and re-acceleration. Light, quick-moving, nimble steps. At Athletic Edge, we believe it to be the key to most sports success and find that the deceleration and stabilization pieces are what make one athlete more agile than another.

Plyometric exercises translate into rapid change of direction on the field

Coaches here look at agility training two different ways: as technical work, including footwork that emphasizes the deceleration/stabilization phase, and as conditioning, which is an effective tool to combat the fatigue which tends to zap necessary stopping strength. While the latter is important, mastering the deceleration/stabilization phase separates good athletes from great ones. (It is also the point where most injuries occur.) If sports are viewed as a series of stops and starts all linked together, then the athlete who stops first also starts first, thereby creating space between themselves and the rest of the pack.

Deceleration drills help athletes stop on a dime when necessary

Trainers at Athletic Edge understand how to create those coveted, quick, light-moving, nimble steps. In addition to the footwork exercises, balance work and plyometric drills also have value in increasing one's agility. Incorporated into an athlete's strength and conditioning program, they round out effective agility training and help create the distance that our athletes seek to put between themselves and opponents on the playing field. Some aspect of speed is important in almost all sports, whether it be sustained or fleeting. Whichever the case, Athletic Edge is ready to get you fast results.

Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

Deceleration is equally or more important than acceleration. Understanding that sports are about constant starts and stops or change of direction tells us that he or she who stops first also begins their next movement first, hence creating space for themselves.

Joint and Core Stability are necessary for rapid change of direction. A body moving in one direction must stop all its parts before they can go in a new direction.

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