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"Most important to me
as a coach and a parent, I know the trainers at Athletic Edge are well trained, and I know I
can count on them to provide positive reinforcement and build self confidence and mental toughness in our athletes."

-- Tom Boova

NJ Elite Lacrosse Club



Athletic Edge trains athletes of all levels towards peak performance.  To help their clients improve at any given sport, our trainers must know objectively where these athletes stand.  A comprehensive athletic evaluation helps do this by demonstrating strengths and weaknesses.  Results become a roadmap with which progress can begin.

Athletic Evaluation creates a baseline against which progress can be compared

The evaluation, which MUST be done by all athletes prior to beginning a training program includes:

  • Taking a health history
  • For Power Assessment:
      Vertical jump
      Long jump
      Triple-hop (right and left foot)
      Kneeling medicine ball chest-throw (for distance)
      Kneeling medicine ball overhead-throw (for distance)
  • For Strength Assessment:
      1-minute sit-up test
      1-minute push-up test
  • For Stability and Mobility Assessment:
      Deep overhead squat
      Half-kneeling rotation test
      Half-kneeling dorsiflexion test
      Shoulder mobility
      Trunk stability push-up
  • Speed, Agility, and Conditioning Tests:
      90-second lateral box-jump (for anaerobic endurance)
      5-10-5 pro agility shuttle (with electronic timing)
      10/10s up and back 200-yard shuttle
  • For Balance Assessment:
      Single-leg balance test
      Long jump
  • General sports vision testing
  • Discussing results
  • Mapping out goals
  • Making training recommendations

Vertical Jump Testing is a measure of leg power

In addition to help start an effective training program, the athletic evaluation creates a baseline against which progress can be compared.  However, unlike many other training facilities which perform the same exercises in their training programs as in the evaluation, Athletic Edge does not train athletes to master the tests.  Trainers use the information gathered in the evaluation to design the proper training program to meet athletes' individual needs.  The goal is to make a better athlete during play on the court or field, not during the evaluation itself.  If the sport-specific training is effective, the improvements made during re-tests should be a by-product of proper training for specific needs, not specific tests.

Electronic timing measures sprinting and agility speeds

Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

Master The Sport, Not The Test
Facilities which incorporate an evaluative test in an athlete's workout are training that athlete to master the test, not make gains in their sport. If you find yourself doing 40-yard dashes week-in and week-out, chances are you'll get faster at the 40, but not on the field - where it counts.

Group training
If athletes are looking to train together, it is very important that their playing levels and training goals are in sync. Evaluations can objectively determine if group training will be an effective and efficient route.

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