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"Athletic Edge is unquestionably the
finest performance enhancement center
I've worked with over
my 30 years of collegiate coaching.

They thoroughly under-
stand sport performance,
and they design training
regimes specifically to
that sport. Whenever I
have a training problem,
I call Athletic Edge."

--Rick Schavone

Head Diving Coach,
Stanford University



Training like the Pros often helps get athletes where they want to go.  The following is a list Athletic Edge athletes, their sports, and the schools where they now play.

Yale's Stadium is an incredible atmosphere for football

Chris MacDonald Villanova Lacrosse
Fred Krom Duke Lacrosse
Sarah Dwyer Penn State Soccer
Andrew Pusar Harvard Basketball
Derek Francavilla Columbia Wrestling
Shea MacDonald Vanderbilt Lacrosse
Mike Gatti U. Penn Baseball
Stephen Mineo Maryland Wrestling
Ryan Breznitsky Rutgers Soccer
Tommy Strackhouse Boston U. Soccer

Several of our athletes now play for Princeton's Lacrosse Team

Justin Oplinger Yale Football
Kevin Boova Amherst Lacrosse
Courtney Bird Princeton Lacrosse
Samantha Bird U. Penn Lacrosse
Alex Hewitt Princeton Lacrosse
Grant Hewitt Princeton Lacrosse
John Henry Flood Harvard Lacrosse
Matt Cohen Villanova Lacrosse
Evan Sullivan Navy Lacrosse
Ryan Shallcross Bucknell Golf

Penn State's Soccer program is one of the best in the country

Earl Clark U. of Louisville Basketball
Derrick Caracter U. of Louisville Basketball
Meredith Talbot Lehigh Soccer
Thurston Hamlette U. of Penn Football
Christian Jensen RPI Hockey

Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

Before heading off to college pre-season training for the first time, athletes must be more prepared than ever, because the level of competition and expectations just got bigger.
Just because you've made it in, don't waste what you've been building towards. Summers are fun, but proper training in the summer will make the transition to college sports as smooth as possible. And your new college coaches will be glad that you've been recruited for their team.

When colleges let out for their various breaks, our athletes come back to Athletic Edge for the one-on-one training to which they've become accustomed. Yes, it's nice to take a break from studying, but the additional time in the gym makes stepping back onto the playing field easier, and athletes are better prepared to compete at their highest levels.

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