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"The trainers at Athletic Edge utilize an extensive understanding of
kinesiology and biomechanics to
assemble a complete program for directly
training the golfer's
neuromuscular system."

--Peter Kim-Fredell

Kellion Corporation
makers of the
PowerGroove Golf
Swing Trainer



Technology and science converge in the Golfer's Edge "lab." An extensive array of high-tech tests allows the staff to analyze and diagnose precisely what is occurring in the body during the golf swing—from addressing the ball to driving and putting. Some of these are geared to unearthing the cause of a problem, and some to improved effect. Technologies include:

3-D biomechanical data is captured to show: swing coordination, rotational speed of hips/shoulders/arms (kinetic link), separation between shoulder and hip rotation (x-factor), muscular loading, energy transfer, lower body mechanics and trunk orientation (stability), 3-D club head and angular release velocity, etc. The data collection is non-invasive to the golfer (no markers, no wires, no vest), and results allow trainers and instructors to assess where biomechanical breakdowns in the movement pattern creates compensations and problems. This information is used for creating training programs individualized to the specific swing and physical needs of the individual golfer.

The Golfer's Edge Analysis Center

Dynamic Balance System uses a computerized force platform to create a bio-feedback tool for posture, weight-bearing, weight shift, and center of gravity movement during static positioning at address and dynamic positions during the golf swing motion itself. It allows you to know the difference between feel and real. It monitors right/left, heel/toe and rotational movements (three planes of motion), while actually tracing the golfer's center of gravity. Specific training screens include full-swing, pitching, chipping and putting.

Science and Motion's SAM Puttlab employs accurate ultrasound to analyze the 28 most important parameters of the putting stroke: club face alignment, putter path direction, duration, movement dynamics, path and impact spot, club head rotation, shaft height rise, putter face loft, acceleration, deceleration, etc. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of a golfer's movements and allows him or her to develop improvements and training strategies. When using SAM PuttLab's training modules for improvement on a specific aspect of their game, golfers can see the differences compared to their last strokes and read how close they came to the ideal. Reports combine average data values, distribution of single strokes, and scoring of putting technique and movement consistency.

ModelGolf super-imposes a biomechanically perfect model of the golfer, using his or her own measurements, on top of their actual swing. The database used to create the models include the world's best golfers, using every club in their bag. "ModelPro," is the computer-generated, biomechanically perfect golfer. It reflects the best performance characteristics of the world's best golfers, including the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and coordination. ModelGolf is able to optimize the ModelPro to any individual body type, meaning that a person's individual model represents the best information on how to perform, given their specific body dimensions.

AccuSport's Vector Launch Monitor is the newest technology used in golf instruction, and it takes the guesswork out of club and ball fitting. Within the 300 microseconds that the golf ball in on the face of the club, high-speed cameras and infra-red technology capture: club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, back spin, side spin, total distance, carrying distance, distance off-line in one millisecond. This is also extremely valuable when hitting balls indoors, since golfers cannot see actual ball flight there.

But the technology only uncovers what's going on during golf. Research has shown that almost all technical swing faults have some underlying physical cause behind them. It's no wonder, then, that scores don't improve, since golfers' bodies just can't do what they're being asked to do. Whether it's a lack of stability, insufficient range of motion, inadequate strength and power, or various other potential problems, Golfer's Edge has a staff of M.A.T. practitioners, certified strength and conditioning specialists and Pilates-for-Golf experts that can make a difference on golfers' scores.

During the golf analysis, clients meet with a trainer to pinpoint possible muscular imbalances or weaknesses which may be causing pain, injury, compensations, or lack of proper mobility. After this assessment, the proper form of treatment and training can be prescribed: whether it be to continue with an M.A.T. practitioner to restore proper muscle balance and function; to do Pilates-for-Golf to increase stability; to do golf-specific training programs with specially-designed exercise equipment for golf; or to do some effective combination to meet individual needs.

Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Knowledge Is Power
Believe it or not, very "good" shots can result from very poor swings, due to last-minute manipulations. These lucky compensations are impossible to perform with any sort of consistency.
By having real information about one's body and movements, a golfer becomes more consistent, hits the ball farther and reduces the risk of injury, just because he or she is allowing their body to work the way in which it was designed. Knowledge is power.

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