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"The trainers at Athletic Edge utilize an extensive understanding of
kinesiology and biomechanics to
assemble a complete program for directly
training the golfer's
neuromuscular system."

--Peter Kim-Fredell

Kellion Corporation
makers of the
PowerGroove Golf
Swing Trainer



The Athletic Edge Web Site Directory features some of the best links online related to sports training. Here you will find sports training tips, sports training advice, sports training programs, sports training equipment, sports performance gear, sports training coaches, and so much more! If you think your site should be listed, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Here are some of our favorite sites:

Sports Balance: The Dynamic Balance System (DBS) is an immediate biofeedback designed tool to help Golf professionals, Physical Therapists, biomechanists, sports-specific trainers, and other instructors convey and collect information about an athletes movement. Clients will also be able to utilize the technology to practice "NEW" motion with direct feedback.

>>> Visit Sports Balance

Model Golf: ModelGolf's philosophy of golf improvement is simple. Improve your performance mechanics and you will improve your game. The overwhelming majority of our students rank consistency as their number one goal in playing the game of golf. What they often do not realize is that their performance inconsistency is a result of consistently repeating errors in their swing mechanics.
The only way to become a consistently better golfer is to improve your swing mechanics. To do this you first need a standard of excellence to compare yourself against and thereby correctly identify your errors. The problem is that there are almost as many opinions about this standard as there are golfers. How do you sort one from another?
We at ModelGolf believe the answer lies in science. Scientists deal in facts, not opinions. We have used science to objectively measure the mechanics of the world's best golfers. This fact-based research is unique in the game of golf and it offers you the best available information for achieving lasting improvement in your game.

>>> Visit Model Golf

Accusport: AccuSport introduced the revolutionary Vector Launch System to the golf industry in 2003, and has rapidly become the leader in launch monitor technology. Vector Launch Systems are in use by nearly every major equipment manufacturer and thousands of club fitters, retailers and instructors throughout the world. Vector measures and analyzes launch angle, ball speed, backspin, side spin and side angle to instantaneously quantify the performance of both player and equipment.

>>> Visit Accusport

Sharp Shooter Lacrosse: Joe Walter's Sharp Shooter Lacrosse is a venue to promote and develop the art and science of the sport of Lacrosse. Joe's goal is to accomplish this through the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the individual or small group setting.

>>> Visit Sharp Shooter Lacrosse

PowerGroove: A professional exercise device designed to dramatically improve the golf swing through specialized muscle training. The revolutionary Kellion PowerGroove system applies properly balanced resistance through the crucial downswing arc and wrist hinge, providing a remarkably efficient and exceptionally targeted development of the golf muscles.

>>> Visit Kellion PowerGroove

MAT - Muscle Activation Technique: MAT looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help stabilize the joints. MAT gets to the root of pain or injury by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. This helps to restore normal body alignment, thereby, decreasing pain and reducing the risk of injury.

>>> Visit MAT

Science & Motion Golf: It gives golfers a scientifically precise feedback on all relevant parameters of their putting stroke. For the first time SAM PuttLab allows an individual and sensationally efficient putt-training with ascertainable success.

>>> Visit Science & Motion Golf

Alex Cena Sports Photography: Alex Cena is a full-time freelance sports photographer based in Scotch Plains, NJ. His clients include weekly newspapers, organizations, schools and athletes.
>>> Visit Alex Cena

3D Golf Labs: 3D Golf Labs is owned and operated by Dan Parks, a PGA Golf Professional who has been teaching golf in the Rochester area for nearly twenty years. He has extensive experience with equipment fitting and sales, and has worked at private, semi-private, and resort golf courses during his career.
>>> Visit 3D Golf Labs

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If you want to make your business more profitable by presenting your target market with a memorable and rewarding experience, then contact Media-Star today!

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