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"Most important to me
as a coach and a parent,
I know the trainers at Athletic Edge are well trained, and I know I
can count on them to provide positive reinforcement and build
self confidence and
mental toughness in
our athletes."

-- Tom Boova

NJ Elite Lacrosse Club



Performance Testing includes everything done in the Athletic Evaluation, PLUS specific tests related to a specific sport.  In the high-tech Athletic Edge Sports lab, trainers have the ability to:

  • Electronically time any sport-specific movement pattern, whether it be speed or agility
  • Measure repetitive jump heights
  • Measure bat speed
  • Measure ball speed
  • Analyze sport-specific vision demands with the saccadic fixator
  • Measure balance and center-of-gravity movement in activities like throwing, hitting, serving, etc. on sports-balance force plate technology
  • Do kinematic testing, which measures rate of movement internally of all joints in the body, relative to optimal biomechanics of any sporting movement
  • Perform Video analysis

Athletic Evaluation creates a baseline against which progress can be compared

Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

Technology adds a whole other dimension to evaluating an athlete, and Athletic Edge has amassed the latest and greatest array. Not only can technology show what the naked eye can't even see, the precise test results can be used as a motivating factor during re-tests after training.

Precise Testing
Top-level athletes need precise testing to understand where they stand amongst the competition. High-tech performance tests allow for charting athletic strengths, which helps in collegiate recruiting communications.

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