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"Athletic Edge is unquestionably the
finest performance enhancement center
I've worked with over
my 30 years of collegiate coaching.

They thoroughly under-
stand sport performance,
and they design training
regimes specifically to
that sport. Whenever I
have a training problem,
I call Athletic Edge."

--Rick Schavone

Head Diving Coach,
Stanford University



One-on-One Pilates instruction is offered at Athletic Edge both to complement athletic training and as a functional fitness regime all on its own.  While its foundation began decades ago, Pilates is one of the most popular areas of exercise today and is suited for both strengthening the weak and challenging the strong.  Often called the "thinking person's workout" and "working in" instead of working out, the Pilates method emphasizes precisely-controlled, flowing movements that strengthen the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles.  Done correctly, it also improves alignment and posture, increases balance and flexibility, and contributes to longer, leaner muscles and overall muscle tone.

Total-body exercises on the spring-loaded Reformer are limitless.

Both core stability and peripheral mobility are important to a healthy body, and both are achieved simultaneously with Pilates through focused stretching and strengthening.  The specially-designed Reformer apparatus is the centerpiece of Pilates work, and it helps promote muscle tone in safe positions that do not stress the joints.  Different from traditional workloads, its springs and pulleys are designed to create progressive resistance with which the appropriate stabilizing muscle groups can work isometrically towards maintaining correct positioning.  With this type of exercise, movement control and quality are more important than quantity of repetitions or number of different exercises performed.

The split-pedal chair is both versatile and challenging.

In addition, Pilates exercises allow for uncovering muscular imbalances that may have occurred due to injury, postural problems or over-trainingóbut without stressing the injured area.  Also, by helping clients increase control, awareness and performance of the precise movements, Pilates exercise can decrease the chances of injury.

Training on the "Cadillac" can be very advanced.

Rounding out the completely-outfitted Pilates studio are the Trapeze Table (Cadillac), the Ladder Barrel, and the Split-Pedal Chair.  Pilates at the Edge is the only fully-equipped facility in the area.  Training sessions are taught by a certified Pilates instructor in a private studio and are available by appointment only. One-on-One Pilates instruction: $70 per hour.

Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

Pilates takes concentration with every breath and with every movement.  It’s for athletes who enjoy the process as much as the result.

Focused Control
The focused control results in many things other than core strength: better balance and posture, increased flexibility and muscle tone.  Some find it relaxing, others challenging, but all can benefit from the time-tested methods at work.

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