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"The trainers at Athletic Edge utilize an extensive understanding of
kinesiology and biomechanics to
assemble a complete program for directly
training the golfer's
neuromuscular system."

--Peter Kim-Fredell

Kellion Corporation
makers of the
PowerGroove Golf
Swing Trainer



Jump-start your training at Athletic Edge by contacting us at 908.322.2003. We'll be happy to answer any questions and provide everything you need to begin your sports training at our state-of-the-art sports training center in New Jersey.

True sports training takes dedicated instruction and focus

There are different options for athletic training. One-on-One sessions offer the greatest individual attention, though semi-private pairs, comprised of athletes of the same level, can also bring great results.  In addition, there is team training, as well as strength and conditioning clinics given at our facility or off-site. Contact us today at 908.322.2003 for complete rate information. 

Golfer's Edge utilizes the latest cutting-edge golf training technology


Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

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