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"Thanks to five years of
training at Athletic Edge,
I have developed a
significantly improved
understanding of how
the body works in the
golf swing and how to
prepare for peak performance.

As both a golf coach and
a competing pro, I can-
not imagine preparing
for sports in any other
way. In addition, my
students and I have
overcome numerous
injuries and what
we thought were
physical limitations."

-- Scott Paris

Head Golf Professional,
Plainfield Country Club



Athletic Edge is proud to bring you the latest sports training DVDs from our groundbreaking research. The videos feature the latest developments from our renowned sports training and condition programs developed by Ben Shear. In the Lacrosse-specific videos, Ben is joined by Matt Danowski and Joe Walters, two of Lacrosse's best players, to provide a comprehensive system for lacrosse training at home.

  Screening with the Pros:
Lacrosse-Specific Physical Screen

Featuring Ben Shear and Matt Danowski
Ben Shear has taken his ground-breaking data on the requirements for great lacrosse shooting and has developed a screening process to see if lacrosse athletes have the physically abilities needed to be great shooters. Shear has pinpointed mechanical differences between good and great shooters and has correlated those technical performance ideals with their underlying physical requirements. Athletes who go though this Lacrosse-Specific physical screen will understand where, when and how their lacrosse performance training can become strategically geared to great shooting. Corrective Exercises are included in the DVD “Training with the Pros: Lacrosse-Specific Corrective Exercises.

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Lacrosse Shooting - Basic DVD   Shooting with the Pros: Basic
Featuring Joe Walters and Matt Danowski
In this much-anticipated DVD, All-Star players Joe Walters and Matt Danowski lend their insight and experience to beginner/intermediate shooting skill development. Drills focus on good shot mechanics and the foundation necessary to play up to the next level.

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Lacrosse Shooting - Advanced DVD   Shooting with the Pros: Advanced
Featuring Joe Walters and Matt Danowski
Lacrosse shooting artists Joe Walters and Matt Danowski team up again to strategically and creatively take experienced, advanced-level shooters on a journey to elevated shooting performance. While some fundamentals are included, all the drills are geared to top-level play.

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Lacrosse Dodging - DVD   Dodging with the Pros
Featuring Joe Walters and Matt Danowski
Two of the games greatest players—Joe Walters and Matt Danowski—give coaches and players the rundown (and run-around) on the importance of how to be an artful Dodger. Studying with these All-Stars will have lacrosse athletes running circles around their competition.

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Learning with the Pros: Biomechanics of the Lacrosse Shot - DVD   Learning with the Pros:
Biomechanics of the Lacrosse Shot

Featuring Ben Shear
Before this ground-breaking 3D Biomechanical study of the Lacrosse Shot, coaches and players probably had very different ideas about what was needed for great lacrosse shooting. Ben Shear has changed the way that lacrosse coaches, trainers and players now view shooting mechanics. This lecture, presented at the 2008 IMLCA National Convention, breaks down the quantifiable differenced between good shooters and great ones and alerts lacrosse enthusiasts about what’s needed—physically — to go from good to great. If people are looking for greater speed and power behind their shots, they should start here.

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Training with the Pros: Lacrosse-Specific Corrective Exercises - DVD   Training with the Pros:
Lacrosse-Specific Corrective Exercises

Featuring Ben Shear and Matt Danowski
The guesswork can finally be taken out of training. After lacrosse athletes undergo our Lacrosse-Specific Physical Screen, they will have all the information necessary to correct and enhance all-important shooting mechanics. The corrections to physical limitations discovered in the screening process make this DVD a necessary foundation to any Lacrosse library. Lacrosse-specific exercises on this DVD are presented as a progression, correcting the paramount issues of Mobility and Stability first and ending up with Strength and Power training. Following the progression will not only reduce the risk of injury, it will give players the potential to become the best shooters possible.

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Training with the Pros: Lacrosse-Specific Corrective Exercises - DVD   Training the Rotational Athlete
Featuring Ben Shear
For athletes or trainers of athletes who play lacrosse, golf, baseball, softball, hockey, tennis, volley ball: Do you want to shoot harder, hit further, throw faster, to name a few? Then, this 2 DVD-set is for you! Power production in rotational sports comes with hard work and with the right progression. In a thorough 2-DVD set, Ben Shear, known for ground-breaking research in Biomechanics, takes athletes on a two-pronged journey to optimal sports performance and injury prevention. Beginning with the critical element of Mobility, Shear sets the groundwork for proper movement is the various rotational sports. Then, he moves to Stability, which allows the athletes to transfer energy properly and reduce the risk of injury. Strength follows as one of the key components to developing Power. Adding a speed component to the Strength component just gained, Power training then rounds out what is a thorough and effective progression to excellence.

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This is just the beginning on our video sports training initiative. Look for more exciting and cutting-edge videos from Athletic Edge in the near future.

Athletic Edge Lacrosse Is Here!

Frontal Plane Training
Do not neglect training core stability in the frontal plane (side to side). This is where most athletes are weak. Try doing side bridges - sometimes called pillars. This training exercise is important in sports such as golf, baseball or any other striking sport, since the lead side must brace before hitting an object.

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How To String A Lax Stick
Joe Walters takes you through the complete process of stringing a lacrosse stick for maximum shooting speed and accuracy. He includes the process of creating a natural shooting channel into the stringing technique to enhance every aspect of your shot.
How To String A Lacrosse Stick

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