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"Most important to me
as a coach and a parent,
I know the trainers at
Athletic Edge are well
trained, and I know I
can count on them to
provide positive
reinforcement and build
self confidence and
mental toughness in
our athletes."

-- Tom Boova

NJ Elite Lacrosse Club


There is no substitute for sport-specific training.  If an athlete is serious about his or her sport, they train for their specific position and to peak at the right time of the sport season.  While it sounds only too logical, it’s importance is often realized only after seeking the performance-enhancement and appreciating the gains on the playing field or court.

Golf-specific resistance training creates swing power

In order to truly train athletes for their positions and their sports, coaches at Athletic Edge first break down the position into movement patterns (and subsequent energy system requirements) and, after an initial athletic evaluation, devise a strength and conditioning program geared to preparing and mastering those movements.  This is done in conjunction with an eye towards the critical time to peak, whether it be at a try-out or a national championship meet.  This periodized training, used as the timeline for training techniques, ensures that gains are felt when needed most.

Dry-land conditioning is crucial for hockey players' on-ice success

Whether it's a need for speed, a quest for strength or a desire to explode off the block, the right exercise prescription goes into our sport-specific training and gives our athletes the edge they’re seeking.

Resisted box-jump drills help increase one's vertical jump

Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

Sports Are Movement
Specific sequences of swinging, running, diving for a ball; twisting, accelerating, stopping on a dime; jumping, throwing, kicking, pushing, pulling, shooting, scoring.  Ultimately: winning.

Sports Are Demanding
Both mentally and physically.  Athletes, by definition, want the best result for themselves and for their teammates.  No strangers to sacrifice and commitment, they accept that that often means pushing their bodies and their minds to the limit.

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