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"Athletic Edge is unquestionably the
finest performance enhancement center
I've worked with over
my 30 years of collegiate coaching.

They thoroughly under-
stand sport performance,
and they design training
regimes specifically to
that sport. Whenever I
have a training problem,
I call Athletic Edge."

--Rick Schavone

Head Diving Coach,
Stanford University


Ben Shear Featured In Sports Illustrated
"He's so much more flexible, stable and explosive," Shear stated about Donald recent PGA Tour success. "We're not trying to get into a long-driving contest, this is about maximizing Luke's potential."
Once branded as a player whose inability to win symbolized what's wrong with pro golf, Luke Donald is closing in on No. 1 thanks to an exhausting new exercise regimen developed by Ben Shear and Craig Knight.
By The Book: Luke Donald.

PGA Tour Success!
Besides winning the last two PGA Tour events, what do South African Rory Sabbatini and English Luke Donald have in common? Their Strength & Conditioning coach, Ben Shear.
Shear, who is Director of Performance Training at Athletic Edge, recently took on the role of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Back 9 Tour Services, an elite service provider to PGA Touring Professionals.
Sabbatini just won the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens this past weekend, and Donald won the World Golf Championships—Accenture Match Play Championship the week before that. They are two of many PGA Tour Players with whom Shear works—doing 3-D Biomehanical Analysis, conducting thorough golf fitness screens, and customizing workouts that address areas that need work and skill sets with which players are able to outperform the most elite competition in the sport.

Ben Shear Featured On Lacrosse Strength Podcast
Lacrosse Strength interviewed Ben Shear of Athletic Edge Lacrosse on his work on breaking down the biomechanics of the lacrosse shot, his work with Matt Danowski and Joe Walters with the National Lacrosse Combine, and his upcoming lecture at the US Lacrosse Convention in Baltimore MD.
Lacrosse Strength Podcast.

Ben Shear Featured On ESPN
Ben Shear, Director of Strength and Conditioning at Athletic Edge, was quoted in a ESPN Rise feature on how a female athlete can train to become a varsity standout:
Hoping to wear a varsity jersey in 2011? These five tips can help you do it!

Inside Lacrosse Magazine Partners With Athletic Edge Lacrosse In National Lacrosse Combine
What is destined to become the SATs of Lacrosse, the missing piece in the lacrosse recruiting puzzle, this objective, standardized combine is compelling to athletes wanting to see how they measure up to national competition and credible to overburdened coaches, looking for one source for lacrosse-specific information. The combine was designed by MLL All-Stars Joe Walters and Matt Danowski and strength and conditioning expert Ben Shear, with input from some of the game's best coaches. Testing will begin this summer. For more information, including dates, locations, and registration information, check out

Golfer's Edge Instructors Receive Awards & Accolades
Len Siter, Director of Instruction at Golfer's Edge (and Head Professional at Mountain Ridge Country Club), continues to be on the forefront of technological teaching advances and diagnostics for golf. After winning in 2008, he was nominated again for NJ Golf Teacher of the Year by the NJPGA, in addition to winning the Horton Smith Award for continuing education opportunities in the NJ section of the PGA.

Brett Jones, Golf Instructor at Golfer's Edge (and Director of Instruction at Trump National Golf Club), was also nominated for NJ Golf Teacher of the Year by the NJPGA. He has become one of NJ's top instructors, with the highest certifications from the Titleist Performance Institute. An accomplished player as well, Jones recently won the NJPGA Section Player of the Year and NJ State Open Championship.

Frank Esposito has joined the teaching staff at Golfer's Edge. Head Professional at Brooklake Country Club, he won the Section Championship and finished second to Brett Jones for Player of the Year, after winning the award in 2007.

Siter, Jones and Esposito all qualified for the National Club Pro Championship, played in June.

Ben Shear, Director of Performance Training at Golfer's Edge, has been named the Kinesiology Editor for the Journal of Applied Golf Research. This new publication looks at the past, present and future of 3-D Biomechanics in golf and studies how 3-D can be used to impact golf improvement. At this post, Shear will be collaborating with the most renowned biomechanists and sports scientists in the world.

Athletic Edge Lacrosse Presents Again At 2010 US Lacrosse National Convention
Hundreds of coaches from all over the country watched Athletic Edge Lacrosse partners, Joe Walters, Matt Danowski and Ben Shear at the 2010 US Lacrosse National Convention in Baltimore. "Improving Shooting Mechanics with On-field Drills and Off-field Exercises" was a live demonstration, showing how coaches and athletes can go from being good shooters to great ones by understanding biomechanics and utilizing strategic on-field drills and targeted corrective exercises.

US Lacrosse National Convention.

Golfer's Edge: On Tour & Online
Ben Shear, Director of Performance Training for Golfer's Edge, has been working on the PGA Tour with Jeff Banaszak of Back 9 Tour Services. A top-notch Physical Therapist, Banaszak is on the Medical Advisory Board of Titleist Performance Institute, has numerous golf-fitness facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area—including one at the Jim McLean Golf School — and works with many PGA Tour Players, including Rory Sabatini, JJ Henry, and Chad Campbell, to name a few.

Shear and Banaszak have been named golf fitness experts for Jim McLean's instructional website, McLean, one of the Top 50 Golf Instructors in the country, is providing top-notch instruction to golf enthusiasts all over the world via the new website. Their first fitness show on "Mobility" began airing in January.

In addition, Shear and Banaszak created the golf-fitness website,, to give Tour-level instruction to all golfers. Besides providing articles and free workouts that accompany fitness shows, a series of DVDs and a variety of golf fitness products will be for sale, each designed to elevate anyone’s game.

Team USA Selects Walters & Danowski
Both Matt Danowski and Joe Walters of Athletic Edge Lacrosse have made the 40-man training roster of Team USA. Selected after an invitation-only competition, this 40-man squad will practice and play during the fall.

By Thanksgiving, the group will be cut further to the final 23 players, and those players will go on to Manchester, England for the World Games in the summer of 2010.

In addition to Athletic Edge Lacrosse's own Danowski and Walters, Alex Smith, who participates on the Athletic Edge Lacrosse Advisory Board, has also made the 40-man roster.

Check back for their progress towards Manchester!

Athletic Edge Lacrosse: Up And Running!
If you play or coach lacrosse, you should visit In partnership with Major League Lacrosse (MLL) All-Stars Joe Walters and Matt Danowski, Athletic Edge has launched a new Lacrosse-specific website where coaches, players and trainers will have access to the most cutting-edge information about the complete Lacrosse athlete.

Video training products designed by some of the game's greatest coaching minds and the game's greatest players will assist in elevating the level of play. The website has a library geared to both playing and training. Initial DVDs from the playing library consist of "Shooting with the Pros" (both Basic and Advanced) and "Dodging with the Pros," all featuring Walters and Danowski and with input from Hall of Fame Coach Jack Emmer and Duke Men's Lacrosse Coach John Danowski.

On the training side, DVDs currently consist of "Learning with the Pros" (Ben Shear's presentation at the Intercollegiate Men's Lacrosse Coaches' Association National Convention about the Biomechanics of the Lacrosse Shot), "Screening with the Pros" (a Lacrosse-specific physical screening process designed to gauge if lacrosse athletes have the physical abilities necessary for great shooting), and "Training with the Pros" (corrective exercises that work in conjunction with the physical screen). These feature Ben Shear and Matt Danowski.

In addition to providing information on all aspects of the game—training, coaching, playing, nutrition, sports psychology, motor learning, etc. — the website will allow for players to obtain customized training programs from the Pros involved with Athletic Edge Lacrosse. After filling out a questionnaire, players will choose between on-field drills, off-field training, or a combination of both, and they will receive a customized 6-week program created specifically for them. This access to expertise and celebrity is unique to the industry, and its web-initiated delivery allows for players from all over the world to benefit from the experience of the game's top names. Named RxLAX, it offers the right "prescriptions" for taking play to new heights.

The website launch was meant to coincide with Walters, Danowski and Shear doing a shooting biomechanics demonstration and the US Lacrosse National Convention in Baltimore on January 17th. Those unfamiliar with the new emphasis on science in coaching and training were amazed at the difference that it could make to a player, a team, and the game as a whole.

More information on Athletic Edge Lacrosse

Major League Lacrosse Superstars, Athletic Edge Join Forces To Create Athletic Edge Lacrosse
Major League Lacrosse (MLL) All-Stars, Joe Walters and Matt Danowski, have teamed with Athletic Edge to create the ultimate lacrosse training program. Together with some of the game's most respected coaches, the alliance will create a video and web resource for players, coaches, and trainers alike. To learn more, check out the new website:

Athletic Edge Lacrosse

Lacrosse might be the fastest-growing sport out there, but that doesn't mean that it's the most understood, or that players get the most cutting-edge training and coaching. In an effort to elevate the game to the scientific level on which other sports, such as golf and baseball, rely, Athletic Edge has created a performance division focused on lacrosse. It will combine the most cutting-edge scientific information on lacrosse shooting, with top fitness and coaching advice, and superstar play.

In an effort to communicate the need to combine shooting mechanics, strategic fitness, and on-field know-how, Lacrosse's brightest stars have joined forces with Athletic Edge to develop the quintessential Lacrosse training and conditioning series. The goal is to elevate understanding of the game and the level of play around the world.

Athletic Edge Lacrosse All-Star partners include:

Joe Walters of the Rochester Rattlers (4-time All-American at the University of Maryland, 2006 Jack Turnbull Award recipient as nation's Top Attackman, the only college player on the 2006 Team USA World Lacrosse Championship team, Number 1 overall pick in the 2006 MLL draft, and this year's MLL Championship MVP)

Matt Danowski of the NJ Pride (2005 and 2007 Jack Turnbull Award recipient as nation's Top Attackman, 2007 Tewaaraton Trophy recipient as national player of the year, 2007 and 2008 Lieutenant Enner's Award by the USILA as the national player of the year, second overall pick in 2008 MLL draft and MLL All Star in his first season)

Athletic Edge Lacrosse will also be a forum for top coaches (like Jack Emmer, the winningest lacrosse coach in history, and John Danowski of Duke University), and national experts on sports nutrition, sports psychology, biomechanics, etc.

A new ground-breaking website will debut in January of 2009 and will provide on-line training programs (fitness-only, on-field-only, and a combination of both), instructional DVDs, training aides and educational sign-up information. The debut will coincide with Athletic Edge's second presentation at the US Lacrosse National Convention. The all-star demonstration, given in Baltimore in January, will feature Ben Shear, Director of Performance Training, along with Walters and Dinowski, and will show how shooting mechanics affect shot power and accuracy and how strategic fitness is a vehicle which turns good shots into great ones.

World Golf Fitness Summit Interviews Ben Shear On Rotary Power Training For Golf
At the recent World Golf Fitness Summit in Anaheim, CA, Ben Shear was asked to elaborate on his Rotary Power Training For Golf presentation, given at the Midwest Strength & Conditioning Symposium in Chicago this past September. The interview was then turned into a podcast for

Listen to Shear's discussion on the 3 Axes of Power in the golf swing, the ineffectiveness of over-weighted training, and the necessity for position-specific joint stability for crucial insight into your game: Rotary Power Training For Golf Podcast.

Rotary Power Training for Golf
Ben Shear presented scientific Golf Training information at the 2008 Midwest Strength and Conditioning Symposium in Chicago on September 20th and 21st. His topic was Rotary Power Training for Golf, and he illustrated how a rotary sport, such as golf, requires that athletes have mobility and stability in order to sequence better and create powerful shots.

The presentation focused on fundamentals like: three axes of rotation in the golf swing; kinetic linking; the initiation of torque at the pelvis; power production coming from the ground; muscular loading and the whip effect, etc. In conclusion, it emphasized the need to correct limitations in hip and T-spine mobility and rotary stability as the starting points of a rotary training performance program for golf. More ballistic type exercise can follow effectively only after these corrections have been met.

Golf Training Manual Sold Out At The 2008 Midwest Strength & Conditioning Symposium
With golf participation growing so greatly in the past few years, the need for intelligent golf fitness training has exploded as well. Unfortunately, many sports trainers have not recognized how adding golf training to their repertoire could help them become better sports trainers all together.

Ben Shear, Director of Performance Training at Athletic Edge and Director of Program Design at Golfer's Edge, put together a basic guide to navigating the golf world for otherwise-engaged sport-specific trainers. The manual incorporates all the critical information needed to approach the new niche with intelligence and confidence and illustrates how the proper golf fitness training can help elevate both a golfer’s and a trainer’s game.

The manual, entitled "Top-Flight Performance Training for a Successful Golf Fitness Business sold out at the 2008 Midwest Strength and Conditioning Symposium in Chicago, where Shear was presenting information on Rotary Power Training for Golf, one of the areas covered in greater detail in the manual.

To secure your copy, contact for ordering information.

Athletic Edge Teams With DeBartolo Sports University To Launch NJ Lacrosse Training Academy
Athletic Edge has been chosen as the exclusive partner in lacrosse performance training operations, providing sports conditioning expertise and biomechanical education in all lacrosse-related events for DeBartolo Sports, as the California-based sports giant establishes an East Coast presence and a New Jersey headquarters.

DeBartolo Sports University became the first national program to dedicate resources to recruiting, training and placing quarterbacks of all ages. DeBartolo's Steve Clarkson, in the opinion of ESPN, was the top quarterback expert in the country. Based in California, its alliance with quarterback legend Joe Montana also helped catapult the program to be the most serious of its kind. Expanding on that success, DeBartolo Sports University branched out to the big man position, and had all-Pro offensive lineman Randy Cross at the helm. While the football powerhouse continues to grow, DeBartolo has recognized that Lacrosse has become the fastest growing sport in the country, and that it is currently most concentrated along the east coast.

This is where Athletic Edge fits in: The facility has been recognized as a leader in lacrosse biomechanical research, presenting groundbreaking data at the 2008 US Lacrosse National Convention, illustrating the science between good and great shots. Athletic Edge trainers have worked successfully with lacrosse players of all levels, some of whom have gone on to become NCAA All-Americans, some of whom are now playing in the professional leagues. In addition, Rodale Press, publisher of fitness-specific magazines, named Athletic Edge one of the Top Six Strength and Conditioning Destinations in the US.

In August, the inaugural DeBartolo Lacrosse Shooters Private Training Weekend was held in Flanders, NJ, with strength and conditioning specialists Tim Laffey and Brittny Boyd representing Athletic Edge. The weekly private training will begin in October 2008 with Athletic Edge's Jonathan Bill. For more information, contact

Ben Shear To Speak At M.I.T. On "Better Golf"
Ben Shear, Director of Golf Performance at Golfer's Edge, will be presenting data at the third annual "Better Golf through Technology" Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (M.I.T.) Center for Sports Innovation on February 24th and 25th. He will be presenting 3-D biomechanical data and demonstrating in case studies: the effect of lower-body mechanics on the overall golf swing; and how improving faulty lower-body mechanics with exercise and proper movement training can create a positive change in overall golf swing dynamics.

Shear will be joining the golf world's top teaching professionals, technology innovators, researchers, and equipment manufacturers who are all there to discuss what's currently state-of-the-art and where the future of golf technology, teaching and training are headed. These conference participants, along with researchers from elite academic institutions, will present research on various technologies and learning methods, and panel discussions will highlight technology's effectiveness in golf learning. This combination of technology, research, and top professionals will make for an unforgettable event that will reveal new insights about the future of golf. For more information, visit

NJN-TV Focus: Science and Technology Perform Wonders at Athletic Edge

Excerpts From The Show:

There are many cutting-edge technologies that are only recently-available to small-scale Strength and Conditioning coaches. But to exploit the technology, those using it must understand science as well: biomechanics, anatomy, the neuro-muscular connection, kinesiology, etc. And of course, they have to understand the physics involved in an athlete's particular sport...

Michael Cranston is an example of a young, hugely-talented athlete with, hopefully, a long baseball career ahead of him. He came to Athletic Edge injured. Through targeted strength training, conditioning and rehab, he got healthy. But KEEPING him healthy means understanding why he got injured in the first place. 3-D Motion Analysis (showing 240 frames per second and with accuracy to 1/10th of a degree) shows the exact point in a complex rotational movement (like pitching) where the kinetic chain is a) inefficient and b) dangerous...

Kinetic linking is a common term in golf, and Athletic Edge has a large portion of its business in its own Golfer's Edge. The offering marries golf fitness to golf instruction, and science and technology help unearth golfer's weaknesses and problems. Dave Pearce came to Athletic Edge last year with serious back trouble. He was a competitive amateur who, due to pain, was facing the possibility of leaving the game. This past summer, Pearce was playing the best golf of his life, and science helped get him there. Ben Shear used a combination of corrective exercises and manual techniques to re-align, re-balance and re-charge the body...

The same science and technology that's used to correct or prevent injury can be used to enhance an athlete's performance. Due to the "design" of the body and the laws of physics, trainers can use diagnostics, such as 3-D Analysis, to change an athlete's performance for things like maximizing power. Based on the success in other sports, like baseball and golf, Ben Shear searched for information on lacrosse biomechanics; there was none. But with the growing popularity of the game, he felt it had to be the next frontier. He contacted a world-renowned biomechanist to help interpret test data that he had collected from some of the country's top Division-1 lacrosse teams. And like for baseball and golf, he created a physical screen that correlated with the biomechanical demands. For the first time anywhere, this winter, athletes at Athletic Edge will begin a very scientific, technologically-driven program for Lacrosse performance...
Watch It Now!

Revolutionizing Lacrosse Coaching and Training
Ben Shear, Director of Performance Training at Athletic Edge, will be presenting cutting-edge data on the biomechanics of the Lacrosse shot to US Lacrosse at their national convention in Philadelphia in January 2008. Shear had great success correlating physical screens to the biomechanical demands of golf and baseball, both rotary sports whose complex motions relied on the same kinematic sequencing for efficient power production and injury-prevention. When he found no such evidence in the fast-growing world of Lacrosse, he set out to prove that Lacrosse shooting must be similar to those other rotary sports patterns and contacted a world-renowned biomechanist named Chris Welch of welch-e Technologies. Prior to commencing the Lacrosse testing, Welch had done 3-D biomechanical testing on many of the world’s top athletes in numerous different sports.

Shear tested the shooting skills of some of country’s top Division-1 Lacrosse teams, and with that data, they showed the consistent differences between the good and great shots. This data, presented for the first time anywhere, will show the country’s Lacrosse coaches that correct shooting mechanics will translate into faster, more powerful shots. 3-D Biomechanical testing can reveal the instant in which the efficient sequencing breaks down. Then proper targeted performance training can correct mechanical weaknesses, while lacrosse training can focus on subtle errors in technique.

Because the data is ground-breaking, Shear hopes to revolutionize how the game of Lacrosse is approached from testing, training and coaching perspectives. To help satisfy the need for that informed training, “Shooter’s Edge” will become the newest offering at Athletic Edge, revolutionizing the game with science and fitness. In addition to the 3-D testing, Shooter’s Edge has a proprietary physical screen which relates physical weaknesses to various problems with shooting mechanics, and specific corrective exercises geared to eliminating the problematic underlying weakness behind the mechanical errors.

Elite Certification By The National Pitching Association
Tim Laffey, in charge of Baseball Training and Biomechanics, and Ben Shear, Director of Performance Training, were recently certified by the country's top-level National Pitching Association (NPA), making Athletic Edge one of the most comprehensive, high-tech Baseball Performance centers on the East Coast. The pitching certification, held at the NPA headquarters in San Diego, California, incorporated pitching mechanics, position-specific strength and conditioning requirements, nutritional needs, as well as mental and emotional elements of the sports. And while Laffey and Shear will not be coaching pitching technique, they now understand pitching mechanics as well as the top-tier coaches around the country.

The NPA was created by Tom House as a hothouse for cutting-edge information. Known for integrating elite sports science and sports technology with the fitness needs of everyday athletes, House is recognized as one of the world's top authorities on pitching. He pitched in the Major Leagues from 1967 to 1979 with the Atlanta braves, Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners. Since retiring, he has been the Pitching Coach for the Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, and Chiba Lotte Marines in Tokyo. His NPA was formed by leading coaches, athletes and management teams to help all pitchers safely develop to their fullest potential. With the likes of Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Orel Hershiser on the Board, the NPA is constantly gathering and testing scientific data, changing current beliefs and sharing newer and better information with pitchers of all levels.

Laffey is a natural fit for the Athletic Edge Baseball Training and Biomechanics program. Before coming to Athletic Edge, he had a S&C position with the Anaheim Angels baseball team, training both Minor and Major League players from rehab through strength and conditioning programs. Standouts include: Relief pitcher Bobby Jenks (now with the Chicago White Sox), Starting pitcher Joe Saunders, First-baseman Casey Kotchman, Second-baseman Howie Kendrick, Shortstop Erik Avbar, and the 2005 Minor League MVP, Third baseman Brandon Wood. Prior to working in Major League Baseball, Laffey received his Masters degree from East Stroudsburg University. For his Masters Thesis, he studied the effects of training with weighted baseballs on both throwing velocity and accuracy.

Golfer's Edge Co-Founder, Len Siter, Named New Jersey PGA "Teacher of the Year"
The 2007 recipient of the New Jersey PGA Teacher of the Year award is Len Siter, who co-founded Golfer's Edge with Ben Shear. The prestigious award process began with nominations by peers and final selection by a committee consisting of past award-winners themselves. This ensures that the "Teacher of Year" meets the scrutiny of those at the top of the field.

Aside from teaching at Golfer's Edge, one of the most comprehensive Golf Performance centers in the country, Siter is Head Golf Professional at top-notch Mountain Ridge Country Club in West Caldwell, NJ, a position that he has held for the past seven years. Teaching for 14 years, Siter himself studied under PGA and national award-winner Mike Hebron. In Siter's experience, he has seen that most golfers underachieve, because they don't understand the relationship between the body and the golf swing and how they are interrelated, interdependent, and tied to success. Though his method of teaching appears simple — the club hits the ball, but the body controls the club — it make full use of today's diagnostic technologies and reliance on golf-specific conditioning.

Students who have benefited from Siter's instruction are Frank Esposito, a two-time winner of the New Jersey Playing Professional of the Year award, and Jay Blumenfeld and Alan Small, both of whom have won the New Jersey Amateur Player of the Year award.

Golfer's Edge was created to marry golf instruction with golf fitness. Since the golf fitness takes place at Athletic Edge, a facility just singled out by the Publisher of Men's Health, Women's Health, Runner's World, Bicycling, and Prevention Magazines as one of the top six strength and conditioning centers in the country, Siter's being named Top PGA Teacher rounds out a serious commitment to improving golf performance.

Publisher Of Men's Health Names Athletic Edge One Of The Country's Top Facilities For Strength & Conditioning
Athletic Edge has just been named one of the six best strength and conditioning facilities in the country by Rodale Press, publisher of Men's Health, Runner's World, Women's Health, Prevention, and Bicycling Magazine, to name a few.

Known for its creative, individualized programs and whole-body view into the athlete, Athletic Edge offers the latest diagnostic technologies, the most-recent scientific research, along with a staff with post-graduate degrees and experience with MLB, NBA, NFL, MLL, and PGA athletes. In addition to private sport-specific, and often position-specific instruction, programs like Performance Nutrition, 3-D Motion Analysis, and Muscle/Mechanics round out a very integrated approach to fine-tuning the limits of performance.

Rodale Press has long been a leading publisher on information on healthy, active lifestyles and has a robust presence world wide. For more information on the Athletic Edge citation (and the other five hotspots for Strength and Conditioning in the US), visit Rodale's recently-launched website,

Linking Golf Fitness to Golf Instruction
Ben Shear has been named a contributing expert on golf fitness and biomechanics for NJ Golfer Magazine. Its sister company,, will be doing regular video shoots at Golfer's Edge with Ben and Len Siter, PGA Professional at Mountain Ridge Country Club and Golfer's Edge, in an effort to educate web visitors of the importance of the golf fitness-golf instruction connection. Both the publication and the web site are dedicated to NJ golf—its courses, tournaments, players, outings, instruction—anything related to golf in the state. Publisher, Carmel Kerr, cites the unique-yet-powerful marriage of fitness and (high-tech) instruction that Golfers Edge brings to the game.

Advanced Metabolic Typing Offered At Athletic Edge
"Diet" is about to take on a whole new meaning, as Athletic Edge begins to offer Metabolic Typing to its demanding clientele. Not the calorie-counting kind that promises to take off weight, but the type that looks into an individual's unique biochemistry and tries to maximize the body's ability to care for itself. In a nutshell, if cells are nourished correctly, they comprise healthier organs, which fuel healthier systems, which lead to stronger immunity. And, while inadequate nutrition is not the cause of every health problem, virtually every health problem can benefit from making nutrition complete. A true shift in how people will view their "diets," this is a metabolic approach to building health.

Metabolic Typing is the most scientifically-advanced nutritional-needs analysis available today. It works from the belief that no two people have the exact same metabolic/nutritional needs. The fact that one person can go on the Zone Diet, or the Atkins Diet, or the South Beach Diet, etc., and have great success, while others fail miserably highlights the notion that a "one-size-fits-all" nutritional plan is heavily flawed. Metabolic Typing is the by-product of decades of research and the compilation of many doctors' works from the past century. Like many of the diets listed above, each of these independent researchers found a piece of the puzzle. Each could claim theoretical accuracy and a certain level of success, but only as it applied to some part of some group. Metabolic Typing relates the various studies, as their diverging theories actually all lead to the notion of biochemical specificity.

To begin, the Metabolic Typing program tests an individual to uncover what his or her specific metabolic "type" is, since each "type" has different food and supplement requirements. The initial questionnaire touches on subjects from cravings to body composition to behavioral tendencies. Lifestyle variables that can affect metabolism--things like food quality, environmental toxins and physical and emotional stress—are factored in as well. The computer-generated results outline which body system is dominant in metabolizing foods, and the ratio of food groups which must be maintained to help one's body migrate to a biochemically-balanced state. When the body's systems are in balance, it can combat stress, illness and ailments more effectively. Because of the initial learning curve, the program is designed to work optimally with a certified Metabolic Typing advisor who can guide and make program modifications when needed.

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Strength Training
Recovery between hard workouts is as important as the workout itself. The body needs rest to make its adaptation to the stresses of the workout. This is when we actually get stronger. The workout itself breaks us down, and recovery builds us back up to a new higher level of strength.

Click Here to learn why Athletic Edge is the best sports training facility in North America

Deceleration is equally or more important than acceleration. Understanding that sports are about constant starts and stops or change of direction tells us that he or she who stops first also begins their next movement first, hence creating space for themselves.

Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Overspeed Training
Be sure to do assisted or overspeed training (running faster than top speed). Examples would be downhill running or rubber cord towing (no more than two percent grade downhill, since this will alter the sprinting motion), and resisted training, such as pulling a sled or being resisted by rubber tubing, to develop optimal speed.

Athletic Edge Saccadic Fixator

Type Of Power Sport
Make sure to know whether your sport is a single-repetion power sport, such as shot put, or power endurance, like football. Then train appropriately. Doing excessive reps of an exercise for a Shot Putter would be counterproductive, since their throw is one single explosive movement, followed by rest, with another attempt after.

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